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Saki Maeda
Written by Saki Maeda

The late blooming post-rock band.

Produces unique sounds of a young-aged band, not boisterous, but gentle.
I came across this post-rock band, 8m (read “eight meter”), right after their band formed in mid-year 2000.
This was when I was at Zankyo Record, a record label company.
I was stunned.
The mellow, technical sounding drum. The guitar that beautifully intertwines. The dramatic development. The live pictures taken by the female photographer, were also just fascinating.

Their first demo sold more than 500 copies, which kept its high rank on the Shimokitazawa Highline Records chart, and the 300 copies of the split album with “stereo type”, released in 2008, sold out immediately under Disk Union’s consignment sales.

The band taking a break from time to time in the past, due to circumstances, has continued their band activity and has released their first mini album, containing five songs, under “further platonics records” led by “stereo type”.

This mini album, set for nationwide release, is their first in ten years since their formation. They are late bloomers indeed.

By resuming their live performance activities and having their mini album released, the band has gradually flourished.
What a joy, again, to be able to listen to their dramatic, sophisticated sounds.


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Saki Maeda

Saki Maeda

ドラマー、旅と音楽をコンセプトにした音楽レーベル"Studio iota label"代表。

Founder and representative of studio iota label, a music label based on the concept of drama, travel and music.
A petite woman who loves cameras and travel.
Often considered to be part of puppet shows as she can generally be seen hiding behind drum sets.
She has an incredibly focused personality and loves to think constantly about creating something every day.

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