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My limit the universe

Marshall Ayo
Written by Marshall Ayo

Emotional Rock Band Evolving into the World Market.

Hello, everyone in the world!

This is Marshall Ayo, a photographer based in Japan.
I introduced Pinokio P, in the previous article and today, I would go for quite a different taste, introducing an emotional rock band “My limit the universe” to you.

”Seize the day”

This song is the lead track of the album “Pieces” and vocal Kaito’s straight forward scream takes your breath away. “Pieces” was released a year ago under the strong concept of collecting the pieces of the dream till you catch them all.

Now I would like to focus is their fast growth of their popularity. They started performing in Tokyo and Yokohama ready in April 2013. After 3 months. They had a record release party, and in October they drew 200 people for their solo show.

It’s unusual for an indie band with no more than 6 month-career to draw 200 people.

Their growth is faster than expected and they have already released three singles and one album.
The music is all available on their website. Me, Ayo, listen to their music when I take a break.
Check out this live performance and get ready for their next show!

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Marshall Ayo

Marshall Ayo


An Aquarius girl living in Tokyo.
Mainly works as a photographer as well as music and DJ event organizer. Music is like oxygen to her.

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