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Kazuyuki Shibayama.

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Guitar Kids Forever Inspired by Mersey Beat.

Nice to meet you. This is darwin finch.
I would like to introduce a singer-songwriter,Kazuyuki Shibayama.
His music is inspired by “The Beatles” with catchy voice over adult-contemporary kind of pop melody.
He just released his 5th album “YELLING” on May 27th.


“Headway” is the first track expressing his determination to move forward in spite of all the confusions and struggles.

It’s been a year since the previous album, “Kimi to Ongaku”. He wanted to go deeper in the Garage sound, with many songs arranged without keyboard for the new album.

”song of superman”, “Why Why Why”, and “Ai koso ha Huete” are the highlights of the album. They are definitely”Rock’nRoll”.

This is the 4th album “Kimi to Ongaku”

Some eccentric sounds can only be produced by kids in their teens or twenties but there are some kinds of music that only matured musicians can produce. Shibayama’s music belongs to the latter.
However, Looking at his stage, his emotional dance and scream looks as if he were a child playing outside getting muddy until the sun sets.

Yes, he remains a boy forever. He remains a boy forever with the scent of mersey beat.

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