Chinko Man

Written by Devilchoco

The Masterpiece That Goes Beyond Your Expectation, “Chinko Man”.

For this article, I would like to introduce a comic book I bought at a hard-core book store “TACO ché “ in Nakano Broadway.

“Chinko” means “Dick” in Japanese.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to this one, you can easily tell it’s nothing like an ordinary comic book. Look at how it’s pressed. Xeroxed papers only folded and stapled.



This uniquely indie hand-folded feel brings the creator and readers closer . Or is it only me who feels this way?



The story is made of five short story of the main character “Chinko Man”.
The eccentricity never fails your expectation.



The main character, Chinko Man’s lines are mostly “Chinko” with most of the story not making any sense.



However the oddly distorted the setting and the details are, this comic book is so addictive and almost psychedelic.



It’s more about the unique description and the surreal jokes than the story.



This is a copy book of “BEST OF Chinko Man” published by Jiro Ishikawa in 1999. Ishikawa has self-released hundreds of art book, comic book, and other merchandise, supported by hard-core fans.

Available to Check his other works on “TACO ché sell online” full of  inspiration and stimulation.
Moreover, He will participate in an event “Igarouten 2“that is schedule at Poster Haris Gallery(Sep. 5 to Sep. 13) in Shibuya.

He is active overseas lately.(Heta-Uma in France 2014) And also his works will appear in print via Le Dernier Cri.

Now that you know him, you can’t take your eyes away from his unique and psychedelic world.

About the author





I Love traveling abroad and reading comic books.

Dots turn into the drawing.
The drawing gets connected with the story, becoming a comic book.
The 2-D world goes beyond the borders and generations to reach us, readers.
This is what I would like to accomplish on Asian-port.

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