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Dark Fanstasy Masterpiece Which Describes Inner Darkness of Human Beings.

27 Volumes Norihiro Yagi (Author)

Jump Comics (Shuei Sha)

Have you heard about a sword called “Claymore”? It is a double-edge sword which Scotland’s highlanders used.

The photo below is Claymore exhibited in National Museum of Scotland.

In the Middle Age England, they feared those Scottish with those swords as “Highlander”.

The title is named after such swords. It’s a story about the soldiers who use large double edged swords. The uniqueness of the story is the soldiers are women. “BERSERK” is now in the hall of Dark Fantasy but this one’s one of the masterpieces in the genre.



In a world where monsters called Yoma prey on humans and live among them in disguise, humanity’s only hope is a new breed of warrior known as Claymores–silver-eyed girls who have willingly become half monster to destroy the predators. But the more the Claymores call on their supernatural strength, the closer they come to losing their human sides forever.


claymore-146 page 21 :

【Devilchoco Review】

Main stream Dark Fantasy but pretty deep.

Apparition, Claymore, and the world back grounds. These settings are well designed and organized while the one clue leads to another finally connecting them together. Also the booth allocation is so fantastic that female fighters and the apparitions had such strong characters. This has a strong message and is highly recommended even if you are not a Fantasy fan.

【English ver. and other languages】
Viz Media announced the serialization in North America. The series is also being released by Madman Entertainment. In Russia by Comix-ART, in France by Glenat, Spain by Glenat and later Norma Editorial, in Mexico by Grupo Editorial Vid, in Italy by Star Comics, in Brazil by Panini Comics and in Germany by Tokyopop Germany.

【Where you can get this manga】

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I Love traveling abroad and reading comic books.

Dots turn into the drawing.
The drawing gets connected with the story, becoming a comic book.
The 2-D world goes beyond the borders and generations to reach us, readers.
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