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GANGSTA from the Perspective of Twilights

I have previously introduced GANGSTA (see the link) but today I would like to focus on Twilights.


What is Twilights?

Twilights are the descendant of the people who were injected with the drug which strengthens the physical ability in the previous war time. They are abused by the Normals.



Even though their physical ability is more than the Normals, in compensation for the ability they are born with some natural defects. (This is why Nick has hearing loss). Also they are known for short life span.


Twilights have to take special cocktail of drugs.



The cocktail must be more than two kinds.

One is for improvement of their physical ability and sustainability of their life, called “Upper”. The other is called Downer, used to calm down the excessive power. These are are highly addictive and fatal if taken too much.


Twilights are ranked by the “tag”.



“D→C→B→A→S” & ”5→4→3→2→1→0”


Hight in ability left to right.

The ranking system is made up by the combination of alphabet and numbers, with A and S on top. (for example, Nick is A/0)




Twilights are forced to wear tags since birth.

These special tags work as GPS, Will-recorder, and ID.

In short, this registers all personal info and is strictly managed by the normals. (*thus segregates them from the normals.)


Three rules Twilights have to obey.

It’s the replacement of “Robots’ three rules” but using Twilights instead of Robot.



Twilights are not allowed to harm human beings by their will. Overlooking their danger must not harm humans and the balance between them and human races.



Twilights must obey the orders made by humans. However, the order contradicts article 1, this article loses its effect.



Twilights must protect themselves to the extent where it does not contradict article1 and 2.。


▼Twilight Characters (with known ranks)▼

Nicolas Brown-A/0 rank

One of the main characters. He lost his hearing and basically talks by sign language.



Arnold-B/2 rank

Twilight hired by Ivan Glaziev



Chau-A/1 rank

High ranked Twilight hired by Monroe Family




Chester-A/0 rank

A mafia owning street 0, Paulklee Guild hires him.




Delico-D/0 rank

He belongs to Monroe Family.


Galahad Woehor-A/0 rank

High rank Twilight belonging to Christiano Family.

Doug-A/0 rank

A high rank from South Gate. Later he belongs to Paulklee Guild.

 Eva-A/0 rank

A high rank belonging to Paulklee Guild.


Ginger-S/5 rank

A high rank belonging to Paulklee Guild.

Keith-A/2 rank

A high rank belonging to Paulklee Guild.


Please visit the link for the story outline and details on other characters.


The comic books are published up to 7th volume and are very popular in and outside of Japan.

If you understand the setting of Twilights, you will probably enjoy the story more.

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