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KABUKI: The Classical Japanese Dance-Drama Gets a Manga Makeover

Volumes 8
Written by  David Miyahara
Illustrated by Akio Tanaka

Subject of this manga is “Kabuki” which is the Japanese traditional drama performed by male actors. Recognized by UNESCO as part of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage.” Kabuki emerged as an art form for the masses in the early years of the Edo Period (1603–1868). The origin of the word comes from the verb kabuku, which referred to behavior that was considered outrageous by the standards of mainstream society.

A special feature of this mana is that existent guy Shingoro Ikushima who is a Kabuki actor in Edo period appears on the story.


This is a story of Ichisaka Shinkuro, a young man who delights in shocking people and mounts a full-frontal assault on the staid and hidebound world of Kabuki. He is a heretical actor. We find the madness by his acting performance.

I am sure even if you don’t know “Kabuki”, you are able to enjoy the story. The below picture is an one scene of “yotsuya kaidan” in the manga.


【Devilchoco Review】
The story and art are quite awesome!! The author is great at expressing emotion madness.  He draws inside of the person. He has a special kind of darkness. Again, if you don’t know about “Kabuki”, still you are able to enjoy it. I highly recommend it.

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■KABUKUMON Baka-Updates Manga

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