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The Man Stopped the Time. A Shocking Si-fi Suspense.

Volumes  8 Written by Seita Horio

Let me tell you first.

This comic book is so interesting.

This is a highly acclaimed masterpiece among comic book fans and is a Comic Award 2011 nominee ( The Grand Prize Winner was “Sangatsu no Lion” by Chika Umino).


Juri lives with her NEET father and brother (Takafumi & Tsubasa), her retired grandfather, her sister (Sanae), who is a single mother, and her young nephew (Makoto). One day, Tsubasa and Makoto are kidnapped for ransom. With no way to get the money to the ransom point in time, their grandfather provides the only hope of rescuing them. Using an ancient heirloom stone, he freezes time. But when Takfumi, Juri, and their grandfather rush to the ransom point, they learn more about this frozen world. There are others who are able to move through it, too, and they are not friendly. What’s more, a monster appears to ‘protect’ frozen people from being moved using deadly force. Will they find a way to rescue Tsubasa and Makoto, despite the dangers of the frozen world?



If you read through the first volume, you will be hooked. The first chapter seemed a little too fast and forced, but once you get past that first chapter and still like it, it only gets better. There are only a few volumes out so it’s still hard to tell, but the characters seem realistic and relatable and the story seems promising. I can’t wait to see what happens next.  (Quote: Baka-Updates Manga)

kokkoku_1 french ver.:

【Devilchoco Review】

Sheita Horio made his debut with this piece. Another talent coming into the industry.

The main charms in short are as follows.

■ A Cutting edge story.
■Story Exceeding the expectations.
■Great descriptions of the main characters.


Even after the final volume was published, this piece is still gaining more and more popularity.

Cutting edge and surreal settings but the story’s structure and the booth allocations are amazing, making the whole story easy to understand. This explains the author’s skill.

And the elaborate balance of the real elements and surreal elements is very well plotted.
For example, the negotiation with the religious groups or the actions are kind of realistic but the Si-fi and mystery/suspense elements make it surreal.
In addition, the emotional description makes the unique world stand out.


However, if the story told more about the main character’s inner struggle, then, it would be more thick in the story telling. 8 volumes seems too short for this series. I am hoping for the sequel. There is a short spin-off version of “Kokkoku bangaihen 300 nichigo” out as e-book.
KOKKOKU extra edition(in Japanese only)

【English ver.】

【French ver.】

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I Love traveling abroad and reading comic books.

Dots turn into the drawing.
The drawing gets connected with the story, becoming a comic book.
The 2-D world goes beyond the borders and generations to reach us, readers.
This is what I would like to accomplish on Asian-port.

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