Message to Adolf
Written by Devilchoco

A mystery masterpiece of three Adolfs “Message to Adolf”

4-Volumes Author; Osamu Tezuka
Bunshun Weekly (Bungei Shunju)

“Message to Adolf” is a mystery masterpiece by Osamu Tezuka. The mixture of the historical facts and fiction is what makes it such a masterpiece. Even if you are not a mystery lover, and if you’re into history, I still recommend this book since it covers Berlin Olympic, Richard Sorge, World War II, Japan and Germany as the defeated nations, and the foundation of Israel.
The comic series won the 10th Kodansha Comic Book Award in 1986.

Story・・・In August 1936, Germany was getting excited about Berlin Olympic. A Japanese media reporter Sohei Tohge was sent over to Germany, during which time his brother Isao was studying in Berlin. Sohei receives a phone call from him. Isao asked Sohei to come to his apartment at 8PM sharp without fail, but Sohei couldn’t make it on time due to the delay of his interviews. He hurried to his brother’s apartment only to find Isao beaten to death. His body was taken by the local police and went missing for no reason.

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(Quote) The charm about this book is the mixture of fiction and non-fiction. For example, “Hitler is a Jew” theory. Even though it’s been denied, by configuring it, the story has its own historical power and value. (All About :


Devilchoco Review・・・The story that branches from the secret record of Hitler’s birth is just breath-taking. It might get too complicated at times since the story goes across countries and generations. But it’s also well-plotted and conveys a great message from the author agaist racism and war. This is highly recommended for any generations.

【English ver. and other languages】
Message to Adolf was published in English(Volumes 2) by Cadence Books and VIZ Media. The newer two volume release of Adolf from Vertical, Inc.. The manga has also been published in France by Tonkam, in Germany by Carlsen Verlag.

【Where you can get this manga】
■Message to Adolf
■Message to Adolf  Vertical, Inc.

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