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His life is Amazing; don’t even make movies like that

Volume 1  Natsume Ono
IKKI COMIX(Shogakukan)

Ono’s first manga, the webcomic La Quinta Camera, appeared in 2003, and she has assembled an impressive body of work. Her trademark features is a characters’ wide mouths, often a simple line that turns up for a smile, down for a frown. She can actually express an amazing array of emotions with that single line, but at the same time, it gives her characters a uniform look.

Ian, a man with a fractured family history, his journey takes him from his birthplace of Melbourne, Australia, to faraway England, to several cross-country trips on foot across the United States. His story unfolds backwards through the framing narrative of Jim who is Ian’s only friend, and a reporter driven to capture Ian’s experiences in a novel.

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Ono has lived in Italy as a student, so it should crop up frequently in her work.

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【Devilchoco Review】
The story is quite simple, realistic,tragic and heartrending. It seems to be fragmented, filled with many different parts, but by the end, they have all come together in ways that one would never predict. This author is a master of creating a special kind of atmosphere.

【English Ver.】
Viz meDia published English ver..

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■not simple

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Dots turn into the drawing.
The drawing gets connected with the story, becoming a comic book.
The 2-D world goes beyond the borders and generations to reach us, readers.
This is what I would like to accomplish on Asian-port.

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