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Written by Devilchoco

Ping Pong masterpiece made into anime “Ping Pong”

“Ping Pong” is a story of those who keep growing up. (11 episodes)

Production : Tatsunoko Production
Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Original Story: Taiyo Matsumoto
Character Design: Nobutaka Ito

This is a ping pong-training story which sets in Fujisawa city in Kanagawa prefecture.
Since the original comic book has been pretty famous, you might already know it from “Weekly Big Comic Spirits published by Shogakukan”. It’s already been made into a film, but today, I would like to introduce an anime version of it.

Story・・・Peco and Smile grew up together. They both belong to the ping pong club. Peco is a proud guy and always challenges his senior students. On the other hand, Peco is shy and quiet. They both are very strong at playing ping ping. Peco named smile because he never smiles. Once Peco pays a visit to Tsujido Gakuen Highschool to check out the Chinese students and loses ping pong match to them without getting even one point from them, his struggle to get better at ping pong begins.

Devilchoco Review・・・One of the most successful anime series that are originally from from a comic book. I still remember thinking “Why now?” Because it has been there quite a while as accomplished series. However, the story goes beyond the shallow teenage or sport comic and describes the hard-core spirit of sport-training and various talents. Even if you are not an anime fan or ping pong lover, you can still have fun out of this anime!

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