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Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace
Written by Devilchoco

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Studio: Lerche(In Japanese)
Directed by Seiji Kishi
Written by Makoto Ue

The anime is inspired by the works of author Edogawa Ranpo: Hirai Tarō. One of his famous poems is that “The transient world is a dream. A night’s dream is an illusion.”. Edogawa Ranpo’s biography and several information of his works are toward bottom of the page.

Edogawa was a Japanese author work includes many mystery novels, such as Shonen tanteidan, and others. The anime is being produced for the 50th anniversary since Edogawa’s passing. It is directed by Seiji Kishi who’s director of  “Assassination Classroom(OVA series)”.

The three main characters are revealed in the key: Kobayashi, Akechi and Hashiba…



Devilchoco comment】
The main plot line is based on the works of Edogawa Ranpo, a classic Japanese author, critic and a key pesona in the development of the Japanese mystery genre. I could surmise that the anime will be based on “The Fiend with Twenty Faces” but fairly different from Edogawa Ranpo’s original work from PV above. What kinds of anime would Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace be? Keep your eyes open!

On Fuji TV‘s Noitamina programming block on July 2015.
Official Website : Japanese only)

【Edogawa Ranpo】
Best known as the founder of the modern Japanese detective novel, Ranpo wrote for a youthful audience, and a taste for playacting and theatre animates his stories. His writing is often associated with the era of ero guro nansense (erotic grotesque nonsense), which accompanied the rise of mass culture and mass media in urban Japan in the 1920s.

There’s no one better suited to turn the youth of today into the gibbering sociopaths of tomorrow than Edogawa Rampo, Japan’s turn of the century master of gothic horror.
Shonen Magazine, the leading boy’s magazine in its day, ran a series of two-page spreads illustrating classic nightmarish images from his cavalcade of chilling tales.
Come one, come all, and step inside…(Source|Tokyo Scum Brigade: Edogawa Rampo’s World of Grotesque Beauty|

REMIX 少年マガジン大図解 第三巻「妖異パノラマ館」週刊少年マガジンは1969年6月15日(11巻24号)

Photos below had published in 1967-1971 on Shonen Magazine.


The Hell of Mirrors(鏡地獄) 1926

The Murderous Cave of the Giant Whale from The Conjurer(魔術師) 1930

The Amusement Park Swallowed by the Earth from Vampire(吸血鬼)  1930


The Devil’s Underground Paradise from Scenes of Hell(地獄風景)  1931

The Skeleton Gold of Clock Manor from Demon(鬼) 1931


Psychotic Hell of Gigantic Mirrors from Ghost Tower(幽霊塔)  1937



The Cursed Doll of Death from The Great Darkroom(暗殺室)  1936

The Fantastic Panoramium


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