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A New Style Samurai Anime

Episodes 26
Directed by Shinichirō Watanabe
Character designer:Kazuto Nakazawa

It’s mixed a blend of historical Edo period backdrops with modern styles, especially hip hop culture, some characters are behaving like “gangstas” . This work’s feature is not only those styles but also musical score predominantly features hip hop music.

A young lady named Fuu is working as a waitress in a tea house when she is abused by a band of ruffians. She is saved by a mysterious rouges: Mugen and Jin. Fuu asks them to travel with her to find “the samurai who smells of sunflowers,” a mysterious man Fuu can give little description of, but whom she insists she must find….

The music produced by Nujabes, Fat Jon, Shing02, MINMI and other popular musicians.
Fights scenes are hyped up with the speed and flow from the music and come out magnificent.

The music used in “Kids on the Slope” were “cover versions” and not the original versions. Japanese musicians were used to recreate all jazz music for the recording of soundtrack in the anime. Therefore the licensing was not as expensive as using the original scores of the music. The biggest challenge is the synchronizing of the music in the anime.(MACROSSWORLD:Interview with Shinichiro Watanabe on 10 November 2012 during Anime Festival Asia(“AFA”) 2012)

【English ver.】
Geneon Entertainment for releases in North America. In the United Kingdom by MVM Films, and in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment.

【Where you can check this anime】
Official website :

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