Written by Devilchoco

He finds A New Passion in “Ice Hockey”

Volumes 6  Written by Satoru Noda
Young Jump(Shueisha)

Ice hockey, it’s novelty subject as a manga. Whether the idea or the story, they are both pretty original.

Shirakawa Ro has to move to a relative’s town in the country side with his twin sister Haruna when their mother suddenly dies in a car accident the day before Ro’s competition.  Ro’s was supposed to succeed his mom’s dream of winning a medal in the Olympics but instead ends up with getting a breakdown and making trouble thus missing his chance for becoming professional at figure skating. Then stuck in the small town of Tomakomai, Ro finds a new passion in ice hockey and regains his focus in life.

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Ro has threw away his dreams when his mother passed away, but he found the new passion in the countryside…..that is “ice hockey”!!


【Devilchoco Review】
Again, whether the idea or the story, they are both quite original. In Japan Ice hockey is not mainstream but popular in some places yet. I believe that manga has the power to move people’s hearts and give us an opportunity to know or start something. Hopefully this manga comes to fame more and a lot of minor sports would become famous here in Japan.

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