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New Generation’s Samurai Comic! “Takemitsu Zamurai”

8 Volumes
Original Story: Eifuku Issei
Author: Taiyo Matsumoto
Big Comic Spirits (Shogakukan)

Takemitsu Zamurai is the comic I’m going to recommend for this article. If you are a comic book reader, this is something you can’t miss! The author, Taiyo Matsumoto is known for “Ping Pong” or “Tekkon KinKreet”, and this time, he’s working with the original story-writer Eifuku Issei. Eifuku is also a comic book writer but at the same time is a buddhist monk. He is known as a descendant or heir to Eifuku Temple of Jodo Shinshu Honganji. (Not confirmed though)

Story・・・Soichiro Sena is a ronin (samurai without a master), who came from Shinshu to Edo. He took his late father’s sword “Kunifusa” to pawn shop and carries “Takemitsu” around. He is a very unique guy and after an event another, he begins to bond with people in Edo.


(Quote) Original. This is the ultimate entertainment and art elevated up to the highest level. The unique and unexpected story pulls your curiosity in. At the same time, the art is done in, at times, serious coal painting, and sometimes in sexy Ukiyoe style with sense of humor. (Edo and samurai are now turned into entertainment and art by Taiyo Matsumoto:



2007 11th Best Cartoon for Japan Media Art Festival
2011 15th Best Cartoon for Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award

Devilchoco Review・・・A masterpiece. I’ve never felt so intrigued by every single page of a comic book. The art of this comic book describes the moment as if you were watching a movie.

【English ver. and other languages】
■English : N/A
■It’s published in Spain by Glénat.

【Where you can get this manga】

On the story, main character uses YOTO SWORD named KUNIHUSA. There are many Japanese swords known as YOTO. One of the famous sword is MURAMASA.

(Quote) Muramasa is a sword blacksmith and his family business lasted for a couple of generations in Muromachi era. ( Credit: Tokugawa Art Museum)

【Where you can get a Japanese sword】
▪️Japanese Swords, Katana, Samurai and Bushido Culture Jidai Shop :

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