Joshi Kohei
Written by noze

High School Girl vs Large Robots vs War

・Jiro Matsumoto


Jiro Matsumoto’s latest series on Freesia.

2011 in next generation, in New Tokyo, there is an usual war with unusual weapons.

About giant mechas that are operated by soldiers and look exactly like teenage school girls and are anatomically correct. Some of them even act like girls and they fight in gory wars against other giant girls.
(Quote : Baka-Updates Manga)

The tone of the cover is pop and it looks like a typical battle comic with high school girls and robots, but this one never fails to show Jiro Matsumoto’s insanity.

The pilots’ minds get polluted while operating the Joshikohei, and the insanity happens as they start acting as if they were high school girls.


Lieutenant Takigawa start taking care of Joshikohei that are out of control while he is faced with the fear of mind pollution.

In short, it might sound like Evangelion but it’s totally different.

Erotic, grotesque, insane, and so unique in the drawing and the style. You may or may not like this but personally this one seems easier to understand compared to his previous series.

You can read free sample!

The latest one is the 7th volume and it will be released on December 9th 2015. This will be the final volume. Can’t wait to see how it ends!

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