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Chiquwa The Band

Written by k-5

Instrumental Band in the Mixture of Metal, Mass, and Emo.

“Chiquwa The Band” is a four-piece instrumental band formed in 2010.
Their sound is the mixture of metal, post-rock and mass-rock based on main stream rock instrumental sound.

They released their first album “Onkei” from “future platonic” an indie label based in Izu, Shizuoka in December 2014.


Please enjoy the gigantic and dramatic sound with great but balanced drive and ensemble. If you’re looking for an emotional post-rock band with beautiful melody, this is the band to check out.


Another thing about them is their excellent playing technique, which explains why they were selected as the opening act of “Being As An Ocean”’s Japan tour this March.

They had to cancel “Mass Fest” show held at motion Shinjuku on October 12th due to the member’s illness, but I’m sure they will keep playing the dramatic and emotional music.

-Chiquwa The Band-
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