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Close your eyes and Feel the “SPATIAL SOUND”

Hi, I am k-5 in Japan. I have been awakened to a music since I touched bass guitar made of ESP at one of my friend’s place when I was age of 16. I had felt the excellence of many genre music, such as ROCK, FUNK, SOUL, JAZZ, and so on. I am currently active as a bassist and a composer of music. Now, the question. What type of music do you like? I always answer so as to be “a sound space” for the question. It’s hard to put into words about the sound space, though I consider that  from various points of view. I can only say this. The music gets a picture . I would like to introduce a music you can feel the sound space from now on. Today, I recommend  “Go-qualia”.

The band presides over “Bunkai-Kei records” of net-label and other net-labels. I feel fresh from their music has been composed with an electronica, IDM, and voice of the animation. The music that they play is just awesome. Especially, an ensemble of a balance in the music is great. The music composed with an electronica sounds make me feel peace and tension. I would like you to close your eyes and listen to the music in somewhere clear and fresh air you can feel.

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A sound creator and bassist working on soundtracks while working for a fashion store in Harajuku. Check out “Space Sound” in K-5 style on Asian-port.

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