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How to count one to ten

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State Of The Art Post Rock Band From Tokyo

Hi, this is K-5.

What’s your biggest concern when you travel abroad?


Not being able to make myself understood somehow always worries me.
I get nervous even a week before the trip. I’m a worrying kind.

Then, once I land on the destination, the wonder happens.
If you have gestures and music, you can share some thoughts.

Especially, instrumental music works the best since it won’t require language.

I just play the music on the phone and those from different cultures and values start dancing. That’s the beauty of music.  “How to count one to ten“. is one of the tunes that helped me communicate when I travel.

This five piece band is formed by Yuta Okuhara (Gt,Key)、Yosuke Minamizuka (Dr)、Taichi Yaguchi (Gt)、Mayuko Wada (Ba)、Shunsuke Hayashi (Gt).
They have released songs from their own label, kiwiport via BandCamp,iTunes and others. They also stream their live performances.

The band’s ensemble sounds mechanical but the catchy melody and the rhythm section is wonderfully interwoven. And the way they take rests is so tasteful.
I remember someone say “Rest is a big part of music“ and this is exactly a good example of it.

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