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Written by k-5

“inner science”: Clear Tones and Glittery Melodies

It’s been a long time to get my hair cut the other day.
In Japan some of woman have their hair cut because they loose their love; though that custom is on the decrease.
Still it’s better choose the words about what you speak to a women have their hair cut.
I remember reading something when people change their hairstyle they feel like their mood changes too…
Anyway today I introduce a musician’s called “inner science“.

A solo project by Masumi Nishimura. “inner science” has shaping an electric/ambient music via PLAIN MUSIC.

The feature of his music is “clear tones and glittery melodies”.
“Self Figment” one of his albums resemble each music at first glance but it is quite sophisticated each sounds.
Rhythm patterns are quite simple, emphasizing overtone of the sound; so the balance of the synthesizer’s geminate is pretty well
that listen to the sounds a long stretch of time.

If you like healing type of electronic music you might like it.

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