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This is Japanese melodic punk

”LEXT” is a Japanese melodic band formed in 2005.

The mixture of English lyrics and pop melody, strong distorted sound and 2-beat groove syncs with your heart beat.
This is the authentic Japanese melodic punk band. Check out this main steam sound!


LEXT were formed at the end of 2004.3boys met up in local scene and decided to play together.Around 2008,they moved from Hiroshima to Tokyo.After changing members,currently Vocal&Bass player Nishida joind in 2011.Untill now,they released 3EPs from their own label BEACH PARTY RECORDS.(beachpartyrecords.com)


They also have opened and supported for Japanese rock legends including ”Hi-STANDARD” Ken Yokoyama and ”THUMB” from the 90’s.

They released the long-awaited full album last year ,followed by an EP ”ANOTHER NIGHT” this August. Also the band was on a tour titled ”ANOTHER NIGHT TOUR”, ending at SHELTER Shimokitazawa on the 11th of December, proving their growing popularity.

It’s been 20 years since ”Hi-STANDARD”’s “GROWING UP”

Now that the Japanese rock scene is too polished, their rough and raw and energetic sound takes you back to where rock started.

For me coming from ”AIRJAM※1”Generation, it is reminiscence of good and old days when I see perform telling the story of our generation apart from the current sound.

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※1 Hi-STANDARD’s punk rock outdoor festival for punk rock musicians and others in the same vein. It influenced Japanese punk rock scenes a lot.

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