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ECLECTIC INSTRUMENTAL Trio With Great Command of Odd Meters.

Hello, K-5.

The three members from “networks” are extraordinary.

Before starting to explain, let’s listen to “Wonderyou/NATUREBLISS” from the EP “White Sky”, released in 2010.

What I’m always amazed about when I see their performance is how thick their sound is even though there are no more than three members in the band. They produce the thick, fat sound with the playing technique and the skilled arrangement. It sounds more like there are 10 members than they’re merely covering the small number of the members.

And the soothing groove that everyone feel the pocket in and their signature odd meter arrangement is something no other band can produce.

It may sound complicated since there are various rhythm variations in one song, but in the end, they turn it into a danceable tune.

I think they have more designed arrangement than”chance music” which come out of jam sessions.
It must come from the skill and intelligence of all the members. Once you hear them perform , you will immediately be in a trance and get

addicted to their sound, as if you’d been flown into a planet from which you can never return.

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A sound creator and bassist working on soundtracks while working for a fashion store in Harajuku. Check out “Space Sound” in K-5 style on Asian-port.

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