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New Directon of Witch House, Giving you the Image of Maginificient and Mysterious Landscape.

I would like to introduce “Noah” from electronica label “flau”, who just released her first album “Sivutie”.

The lead track from her first album ”Sivutie”.

The spacious Chill Wave/Witch House sound is decorated by her piano and sample voices. I think the minimum beat represents her European influence.

She has released three EPs “split with SELA.”, “TWO” and “MOOD”.

“Do You Remember”


“TWO / Noah feat. Siddiq”


Yasuhiko Fukuzono’s electronica label “flau” has signed and released many of my favorite artists, including his solo project “aus”.

I’d known her name but I saw her performance for the first time at “Sivtie”’s release/label celebration party at VACANT Shibuya in June. Her clear voice made the magnificient and mysterious world stand out even more.

Chill Wave/Witch House scene is kind of oversaturated.

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