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A Jazz Key Trio Spicing up J Pop Scene.

Omoinotake is a jazz keyboard trio, formed by Leo Fujii (Vo&key), Tomoro Fukushima (Ba& Bv), and Yonoshin Tomita.

They have been active since 2012, releasing a shared album with Yamiagari, and two original albums.
A male key trio is a rare combination in JPOP scene but they create next generation’s city pop.

A tune from their 2nd EP “Yourbs” released on July 21st.

The refined chord structure and improv, and Fujii’s high voice and tight rhythm section, all these elements represent omoinotake in this one song.
This is from the same album.

Personally, this guitar-free sound was odd for me. But then after some listening, it sank in.

Electric piano and bass staying in the same range make for the thick chord voicing and ensemble, which is their uniqueness and warmness.
A song from their EP ”love songs”. This is a mellow one with piano.

The trailers of the tunes from the latest EP, ”Yourbs” are up on sound cloud. Do check them out. Highly recommended.

This is from K-5.

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