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thai kick murph

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thai kick murph Representing Insanity and Warmness.

Have you heard of thai kick murph?


They are a four-piece band in pop/post rock style.

It’s a typical formation for Tokyo music venues but their music is very unique. The voice quality is simply amazing.

They released an EP”Beauty and Youth” last October.

Contrary to the previous album,”DELTAATACK”, this one’s more post rock style.

What amazes me every time is the vocalist Myaoyo’s emotional expressions.

She is not a chorus seller but more like a story teller in the vein of Ikuko Harada or Akiko Yano..


According to the song, the band addeds a comical side and the performance is pretty versatile.


Their recent work includes ”New Action! ~Compilation Vol.2~”, along with ”New Action! ~Compilation Vol.2~”, whom I recently introduced. It’s a HMV and Kiichiro Hoshino’s New Action’s collaboration compilation. They joined the release tour and had thai kick murph’s name known to Japanese rock fans. Let’s keep an eye on them.
This is K-5 introducing.


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