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Tomonojo Miyagi

Written by k-5

Comforting Happy Sound-scape

“tomonojo miyagi” is an upcoming track-maker, who had a breakthrough from the tune he placed in V.A.”Introducing Chill Out Forest” released by IntroducingProductions, a compilation album based on the concept of music for listening in the forest and nature.

He used to be known as ”LUSRICA” since 2008, releasing his own album and placing songs in compilation albums.
Then he changed his artist name as tomonojo miyagi in 2015 and started another solo career, which K-5’s radar caught.

A “Kira kira” sound electronica that reminds of ”i am robot and proud””four tet”. The glitch noise that goes in harmony with samplings is exactly to my taste.

From “ambience parade” released on August 5th 2015.


I pay close attention to how shiny the samplings sound when I check out electronica sound. It’s interesting to see how each creator puts his toys into the toy box since it’s so different showing a variety of back grounds.

Many are based on a single loop but the tracks have got hooks showing the sound-scape of his songs.
Looking forward to checking out his next works!

From K-5.

-Tomonojo Miyagi-

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