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Written by Sleepwell

A Lone Beat Maker Expressing Relaxation

Hi, everyone! I’m Sleepwell.

This is my first article.
In fact, I am a Beat-maker and DJ, myself.
I hope to share some news about my own work as well.

It’s getting hot and summerly in Japan. Some of you might be having difficulty adjusting this sudden heatwave. I would like to introduce you an artist(under an indie label PEEPSEVERYDAY) whose music might help you get relaxed.

His name is Monkeypunks.

The artist name came from a song by Zilch formed by Hide from X JAPAN, “SPACE MONKEY PUNKS FROM JAPAN “ . Different from the inspiration source, he is more like a Hiphop/beat music artist based in Tokyo with a variety of samples from different genres. His charm is in a word, “Emotional”.


This song’s smoky distorted sound over the beautiful melody reminded me of “Urban Life”, meaning “Life in Tokyo”. A city where everybody comes to with hopes and dreams mixed up with beauty and fragility. He might be one of those people who came to Tokyo to chase his dream.

One of my favorites is a remix version of Campanella, a Japanese rapper.

This somewhat-bluesiness is his style. The repetition of the line “OpenYour Mind” stings my heart. I think I like this remix better then the original.

Those heartbreaking moments in life are, to him, precious moments of life. How about listening to his track at the end of the day to taste your day even more.

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東京都在住の23歳ビートメイカー。Dr.DreやDJ QuikといったウェストコーストのHIP-HOPに影響を受け15歳ごろよりビートメイクを始める。その後Lindsay LowendやCashemere Catと出会い、現在のChilwaveやBeatsを基調とした作風へ移行。2015年1月にTREKKIE TRAXより自身のデビューEPとなる「Zzz EP」をリリース。

A 23 year-old beat maker inspired by Hip-Hop tracks of Dr.Dre and DJ Quick. After meeting Lindsay Lowend and Cashemere Cat, the taste shifted from Hip-Hop into Chilwave and Beats. In January 2015, the debut EP “Zzz EP” was released from TREKKIE TRAX.

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