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Once You’re in, there’s No Way Out! Never Ending Sonic and Visual Loop World.

Hi! This is K-5.

nego” is a Loop Music band, who just released their third album, “THE WORLD (Bayon production)” on May 13th, expanding their musicality and musical variety even more.


Toshitaka Mukaiyama (Violin, Guitar, Dub effect), mitchel (VJ), Kazuki Nakajima(Bass) and Gan(Guitar and Tabla) formed this four-piece band.。

It’s just beyond description how they turn a variety of music such as hardminimal, techno, and rock into their own “nego” style LoopSound.


What’s cool about “nego”’s performance is you can not only enjoy the sound but also the visual effect.


The spiral of deep rhythm pocket shakes your sense of hearing slowly while looking at the colorful visual images created and controlled by mitchel. The power of their groove pulls you in once you listen to it.

One more thing, you can listen to their 1st album, “DUB PHALANX”, 2nd “SANSARA” and the3rd, I just introduced, “THE WORLD” all on applemusic.What a generation!


K-5 has seen their live performances at music venues. You lose yourself into their world, not knowing where you are or who you are. There’s no other feeling like this.

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A sound creator and bassist working on soundtracks while working for a fashion store in Harajuku. Check out “Space Sound” in K-5 style on Asian-port.

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