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JROCK band with enthusiastic performance, waving a baton.

asobius is a five-piece band formed by Kazuto Kai (vo), Kota Sugimoto (G), Shinsaku Takahashi (G) Shin Umikita (B) and Naoyoshi Ishikawa (Dr).

U2 and Coldplay’s main stream UK rock or Sigur ros kind of emotional sound is mixed up with J pop element. And the way they perform while waving a baton is so impressive.


They mix the current style and phrasing into the band sound and the vocal, Kai’s clear and flexible voice decorates the sound. The originality and charisma is proven by the expanding fan base.


There’s no meaning in the baton-waving performance, as they say.


They have just released the second full album “ultralium”. Check it out.


Last but not the least, an arranged cover version of a girls’ band ”tricot”’s”slow line”.

The electronica arrangement is also great!

They are performing at a Halloween Circuit Event “Hallow Shibu ’15”, which will take place SHIBUYA O-GROUP clubs on Dogenzaka slope. Highly recommended with a baton!


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