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Marmalade Butcher

Written by nikichi

The Ultimate Band Ensemble! New Generation’s Instrumental Rock Band.

The readers of this article must be music lovers and have been inspired by many bands and musicians. This band I’m going to introduce will never fail your expectation.

Instrumental rock band “Marmalade Butcher

The muted and delayed guitar on the intro rocks your world!

The music video’s setting is so hard to understand and the band ensemble goes beyond your expectation with the rough but sensitive melody, great playing technique and the tight band sound.

Even if you’re not an instrumental music fan, you will still love their sound!

They have released three full albums and four EPs.

They have performed at a major out door music festival in Taiwan, “Spring Scream 2014”, and have made it to the final of the competition called “Inazuma Gate 2015”, which auditions the performing acts of “Inazuma Rock Fest 2015” held in Japan. (The result may be out when this article is published.)

You can download their music on iTunes. Some crazy tracks are uploaded on Soundcloud. Be sure to check them out.

Last but not the least, here’s the song that introduced me to the band.

I really would like you all to check out their performance live. Highly recommended!

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