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Saki Maeda
Written by Saki Maeda

Instrumental Rock by Just a Guitarist and a Drummer. Generate Love. Give It Off to You. Spread it All Over the World.

This instrumental duo generate love in their own unique way under this gigantic concept, incorporating various elements of music. (Supported by a keyboardist)

I saw them at a music club in Tokyo for the first time.

In spite of the dim light, all the people got electric-shocked by the sparkling light they were giving off.

Takuro Yamashita, PR and Guitarist, and Kenichi Sakaguchi doing Drums, songwriting, artwork and stage design. This DIY spirited band has been making trial and errors in the effort of conveying the rawness and emotion at the moment.

“Rock does not mean explosive anger. The sound is hard but there is definitely love” As they say so, they feature words of gratitude for each person they have encountered.

What’s beneath the love they want to convey might be the gratitude for those who crossed paths with them.

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Saki Maeda

Saki Maeda

ドラマー、旅と音楽をコンセプトにした音楽レーベル"Studio iota label"代表。

Founder and representative of studio iota label, a music label based on the concept of drama, travel and music.
A petite woman who loves cameras and travel.
Often considered to be part of puppet shows as she can generally be seen hiding behind drum sets.
She has an incredibly focused personality and loves to think constantly about creating something every day.

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