Crime and Punishment||
Written by noze

A comedy comic book genius’s challenge on Russian literature masterpiece.

4 volumes

Author: Man-F-Gataro
Original Novel by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

BUNCH comics(Shincho-sha)

“Crime and Punishment” is one of Dostoevsky’s five masterpieces, and now Japanese genius cartoonist, Man-F-Gataro is going to turn it into a comic book.


Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” opened a new door for literature and inspired so many other authors to follow. Other cartoonist including Osamu Tezuka covered this piece of work. And what should we expect from Man-F-Gataro’s version?

As a fan, I was expecting that he would distort the original story, but from the genius or the vagabond cartoonist, I received so much more than I expected. Just amazing.

The cover even exceeds your expectation……


The cover of three volumes out of four are done by different cartoonists.

Volume 1 : Yoshitaka Enomoto(A Japanese illustrator)
Volume 2 : Kanzakihiro a.k.a Hiroyuki Oda(A Japanese illustrator and an animator)
Volume 3 : Keisuke Itagaki(A Japanese manga artist)
Volume 4 : Man-F-Gataro

Turn the page and it looks like a novel before the main chapter……the main character appears!


Ebizo? Who is this? It looks nothing like Raskolnikov. Is he even ignoring the original settings??
Oops, I can’t turn this article into a spoiler. Please get a copy for what comes next.¥

By the way, this “Crime and Punishment” is one of the rare occasions where Gataro’s comic book did not get terminated during the series. It will go down in history.

Let me remind you. Do not try to learn the original story from Man-F-Gataro’s version. But if you do know the original you can enjoy this version more in a different way. This is worth a read!

Lastly, I would like to introduce some his works here.




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