Godaiko Full Burst Ozumo SF CHodenki
Written by noze

”Sumo Westling Sci-fi” Setting in US in the Year of 2xxx.

“Godaiko Full Burst Ozumo SF CHodenki”

Maruta Nishino
Silius KC

“Godaiko Full Burst” was my cartoonist friend’s recommend.
Let me brief you with the outline on the back cover.


In the near future, sumo wrestling becomes America’s national sport.

Detroit is the mecca of all US sumo wrestlers and Godaiko is known as technical Yokoduna (champion). However, he gets deceived by the robot scientist Dr. Glamorous’s and lets his body turned into a machine. In order to beat Godaiko, who turned into an armed beast on the battle field, a legendary guardian Yokoduna revives, who has been sleeping as a clay statue. “Special article by Yasuda Suzuhito (cartoonist)”




Godaiko after the reformation into a machine


Not much details are explained but you can read through easily without any intervention .


The story keeps the same kind of drive from the beginning to the end, still keeping the story inside of 2 volumes, proving the author’s skill.

This is the second edition of three volume series.


A strange sumo wrestling comic book “Godaiko Full Burst” is highly recommended!

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