Hade Hendrix Monogatari
Written by noze

Get surprised by an authentic rock comic book


This is a parody comic book of Jimi Hendrix. Writing on rock music is a rare topic for Man Gataro.
The content is as destructive as expected.
It’s full of energy and even seems to have a deeper message.
And this has more soul than any other rock comic books when the characters shout out.

If you are looking for an authentic Japanese rock comic books, here it is!


【Story Outline】
Back then, when rock was still the music of the devil.
A rock band “Hade Hendrics” was charismatic and popular in underground club scene. The leader, Hade can’t take his energy to climax unless he breaks a guitar during the performance, which cost 90 thousand yen every time they perform. The club kicks him out, and Hade and the 2 other band members went broke, when they decided to steal a guitar from a music store.(Quote:”Weekly Young Jump”(Syueisha)vol.1 and 2 2001.


There is a movie version of this comic.

This piece is made up of 6 short stories. It will feel as shocking as first time you listened to a

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