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Dynamic and Detailed Fantasy Masterpiece

・Ranjo Miyake(Author)

A dynamic masterpiece has opened its door.

Calma, Imuri, Icole, the three tribes have been battling on the planet called Lune.
Now, a boy realizes his fate to change the planets destiny.(Quote:eb! STORE)

The Sci-Fistory has followed the introduction above since the first volume released in 2007.年の面白かった漫画の話%E3%80%823/年の面白かった漫画の話%E3%80%823/

There are so many aspects of charm in Imuri but the view of the world and the details are just beyond description. The unique drawing of the author skillfully describes the three tribes’ special abilities , their battle and history, and the relationships surrounding the main character, Dulk.

The battle scene is quite main stream boy comic book.

As you read it through, you’ll be drawn into the world of Imuri’s world and story. Please check on the details that puts the story together.

Digest sample.

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