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Kim Wooyong

Written by noze

A traveling drunk singer-songwriter

I would like to introduce Kim Wooyong , a traveling drunk singer-songwriter.

After the break-up of cutman-booche, a band known for O.A of John Butler Trio and Tete and performing at major festival such as “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL.”, Kim Wooyong released his first solo album “Live in Living” after 2 years’ silence. Now that he’s on a new journey, his fierce battle got the fire back on. Let’s check out one song from his album.

His taunting husky voice, the dusty coolness, and melancholic sadness, the power like that of Kusturica’s movie, and his smile. Watching his show, you will feel like you have thrown into a movie in Rome. Am I drunk or just drunk with his voice? Later, I discovered one of his big influence is Charlie Chaplin, which explained his taste.

His performance style varies from acoustic guitar with loop machine to a band style with support musicians. His versatile style keeps amazing me.

Please do check his live performance.

This one is from the 2nd Full Album “ling lom”

You can check out his updates, music, and videos!

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