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Minoru Yonemoto

Written by noze

Electro Music Artist in White Coat Representing Japan.

Hi, this is noze!

For this article, I would like to introduce Minoru Yonemoto, an electric music artist from Tokyo. His career varies from development of unique synthesizer, creaive performances, engineering, giving DTM lessons, producing for other artists, and teaching part time at universities.

The variety of his career is beyond description but I would like to focus on his main project, modulation synthesizer “SYSTEM Y”!

It’s so hard to explain in words. So, just watch it in the video!

He seems like a mad scientist!
The function is not only on the sound but also on rotating propellers (007:MOchan) or on the midget lamp (016 :Mamekichi). “Moog Buchla” is full of unique, cutting-edge ideas even the most advanced synthesizer maker “Tiptopaudio” has not employed yet. Please check for “SYSTEM Y” on YOUTUBE.

And this is YONEMIN.

This is a simple synthesizer that you can control by pushing the button and twisting it around. Also this has collaborated with artists in many genres.

You can adjust the sound from the original pad on the drum-set while playing.

He has written a book! Here.

・Minoru Yonemoto Official website (YOUTUBE Channel)

He definitely is an artist to watch out. Keep an eye on his upcoming project!
And last not the least, please enjoy my favorite movie!

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