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Japanese Hip Hop Group In The Spotlight!

SIMI LAB is one of the most unique groups to break out of the Japanese underground hip hop scene.

QN, OMSB’Eats, MARIA, DyyPRIDE, Hi’Spec and other members(over 10 people) formed in Kanagawa City Japan, and released a music video “Walk Man” on YouTube became a topic of the Hip hop scene in 2009(have changed their members couple times ever since) .

They emcee whimsically float along the surface of the beat with unique their flows/lyrics which is in my taste and gets receive from various artists. I have been their live concert(Brainfeeder‘s label party of Flying Lotus) held in “ageha” at BRAINFEEDER4 in Shinkiba in 2014; from the beginning to the end, that was absolutely amazing!

Simi Lab definitely rank among the top of the Japanese hip hop scene.

SIMI LAB continues to update new style of music: I am quite interested in their music activities in advance.
※DyyPRIDE has suspending musical activities since last February.

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