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Loose LO-Fi Band Who Made It To FUJI ROCK within 1 Year.

Tempalay is a 3 piece-band formed in June 2014 in Tokyo, Saitama by Ayato Ohara (Gt&Vo), Yuya Takeuchi (Ba) , and Natsuki Fujimoto(Dr).

I met them at one event, and the music they gave me was so cool that I went “Who are they!?”. That’s how I started digging their music.Before I knew it, they made it to ROOKIE A GO-GO at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’15 and made their debut from P-vine with an EP titled “Instant Hwaii”. You can get the idea of the band from the EP trailer.

Mmmmmm. So loose.

While so many songs on the streets are to the clicks, this psychedelic band sounds so loose and feels good.
It reminds me of surfing, hot rod, and The beach Boys kind of West coast music.


You can listen to the full length of “Sea Side Motel”.

In my case, the song comes back and starts looping in my head after 3 to 5 days.

The other day, “Ringo Music Festival” ‘s line up was announced and I found Temapay there. NOZE will be performing, too. I can’t wait to see them at the event.


Not much is known about them but let’s keep an eye on them!

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