Ultra Heaven
Written by noze

The best Paper Drug. A Future World When Drugs Are Made Legal.

Beam Comics
・Written by Keiichi Koike

The expression in the title is a quote from the book cover. It’s literally a reading drug.



In the near future, people can control their moods by various drugs. Under a self-destructive circumstance, the main character, Kabu meets a strange dealer.( Quoted from Introduction.)


The drug-trip scene is beyond words.


Just insanely amazing. The speed, the distortion, the twist. All those effects on the sight and excessive-happiness, and bad trips are drawn on the paper.


Keiichi Koike won the 12th Annual Tezuka Award in 1976 with his work “Urashima” He was the youngest winner at that time, making a sensational debut. However he lived on part-time job, and lived like a hippie, then moved to US to work in advertisement industry. He has such a unique career.


It’s been four years since the third volume and I can’t wait for the fourth to come out. Why don’t you try the best paper-drug?

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