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Warm and Heartfelt Guitar Sound for the Soundtrack of Your Daily Life

Today, I would like to introduce Muneki Takasaka’s solo project “Paniyolo”.

He has released 5 albums from schole records. All highly recommended. But today, I would like to mainly introduce his latest full album “Tama no Koto” released in May 2015.

“Shoryoko” from “Tama no Koto”

The whole album was recorded at “guzuri recording house” with an old friend of his, Hirofumi Nakamura, as the guest guitarist (momo Tsubaki, tricolor, etc).

The studio building used to belong to US army and now has a cafe next to it. Different from regular recording studios that are built in terms of the sound-proof quality and the reverb, the organic interior reminds you of the importance of the environmental vibe in the creation.

“Kazoku no Ji” from Tama no Koto

The melancholic melody sounds like a nursery rhyme. It’s so soothing. Every single note is produced from his finger, without any intention to show off playing skills or chord knowledge.

Would you like to be indulged in this warm guitar sound?

Enjoy all the great 17 songs.

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