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Saki Maeda
Written by Saki Maeda

A Cute Singer-songwriter as Calm and Sweet as Sunshine through the Tree

Contrary to the cuteness in her look, her refined look, a singer-songwriter Miwako Shimizu does it all as her solo project “Predawn” including mixing. Her charm is the refined chord structure, philosophical lyric like that of Joni Mitchel.

She learned music since she was very young, had a band through high school and college years, and now she went solo as “Predawn”.
In 2010, her first national distributed album “Teno Naka no Tori” became a long seller in so many places in Japan.

Her music is all hand-made, and self recorded.

If you are interested, check her albums released from her own label,”Pokhara Records”.
This is a DVD trailer from her performance at Shinagawa Gloria Chapel.
Her voice at a church sounds almost divine with the chapel’s acoustic.

I just can’t help thinking that a woman’s music is a mirror if her life.

What she sees and feels in her own life.

Sometime straight, sometimes, at random, sometimes troublesome.

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About the author

Saki Maeda

Saki Maeda

ドラマー、旅と音楽をコンセプトにした音楽レーベル"Studio iota label"代表。

Founder and representative of studio iota label, a music label based on the concept of drama, travel and music.
A petite woman who loves cameras and travel.
Often considered to be part of puppet shows as she can generally be seen hiding behind drum sets.
She has an incredibly focused personality and loves to think constantly about creating something every day.

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