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Rica Miim

Saki Maeda
Written by Saki Maeda

Sensitive and Nostalgic Pop Singer-songwriter

”Rica Miim” is a Japanese singer-songwriter based in London.

Her acoustic pop band ”Tori Tori Bird” shows her intense uniqueness over the sensitive and nostalgic melody sense.

She has been playing classic piano since she was very little, and she started singing in a band while she moved to London for an art school.

Her career is somewhat unique, touring in Thailand juggling , and doing sessions in the Sahara with the Berbers leading camels.

It’s hard to imagine from what you hear now but she used to be inspired to be a member of Japanese girls’ band such as Morning Musume, wanting to start all female choir band.

She has also organized an event for three piece all-female mellow acoustic group “Magical Mystery Tours”.



Her nostalgic and artistic song will perfectly fit the calmness in your room.

The laid back songs are best enjoyed on a fine day outdoor.

Both are her true-self.

Listening to her songs coming from who she is forces me to want to be a person who can create things out of love.

-Rica Miim-

About the author

Saki Maeda

Saki Maeda

ドラマー、旅と音楽をコンセプトにした音楽レーベル"Studio iota label"代表。

Founder and representative of studio iota label, a music label based on the concept of drama, travel and music.
A petite woman who loves cameras and travel.
Often considered to be part of puppet shows as she can generally be seen hiding behind drum sets.
She has an incredibly focused personality and loves to think constantly about creating something every day.

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