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A 21 Year Old Japanese Rapper Who Scored 380 Thousand Views on Youtube!

I would like to introduce a Japanese rapper I’m digging the most these days.
GOMESS is a 20 year old rapper signed to LOW HIGH WHO? PRODUCTION.
Check out this tune!

I got shocked when I first heard this track. On the track he sings about his autism which he discovered when he was 10, and the struggle and inner serach following the discovery. The video linked above currently has 380 thousand views.

I found about him on a TV rap contest called “Bazooka”, for which rappers in high schools battle to become the best rapper in Japanese high schools.

Lately, his presence has been up on many forms of media, and he has been known as a rapper with autism, but I have to say his strength is not in the autism but in his lyric. The experience through the incurable symptom created the talent that no one can mimic. The disorder is just a process.

There’s no cheap hope or encouragement in his lyric. However, each word he creates inspires you though some sound even negative sometimes. There’s never been a rapper like him.

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東京都在住の23歳ビートメイカー。Dr.DreやDJ QuikといったウェストコーストのHIP-HOPに影響を受け15歳ごろよりビートメイクを始める。その後Lindsay LowendやCashemere Catと出会い、現在のChilwaveやBeatsを基調とした作風へ移行。2015年1月にTREKKIE TRAXより自身のデビューEPとなる「Zzz EP」をリリース。

A 23 year-old beat maker inspired by Hip-Hop tracks of Dr.Dre and DJ Quick. After meeting Lindsay Lowend and Cashemere Cat, the taste shifted from Hip-Hop into Chilwave and Beats. In January 2015, the debut EP “Zzz EP” was released from TREKKIE TRAX.

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