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Written by Sleepwell

Tasteful Future Beat from Philippines.

Hello, this is Sleepwell.

I would like to introduce a beat maker from from Philippines “River”.
His main works stay in SoundCloud and Toneden. Probably this is a perfect “BedRoom Artist”.

Please take a look at his artwork. It says 川 in Chinese character. That’s so eye-snatching.

His music is more toward current future beat.

This is the song he collaborated on with a female singer India. As song title says, it’ll be a good trip if you listen to it under the starry sky.
It sounds so international that I cannot imagine the sound is from Philippines.

“River” creates the clear atmosphere just like a river changes its face from rough, calm and serene.
He only has three songs on the web including remix, but I can’t wait to hear more from him.


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東京都在住の23歳ビートメイカー。Dr.DreやDJ QuikといったウェストコーストのHIP-HOPに影響を受け15歳ごろよりビートメイクを始める。その後Lindsay LowendやCashemere Catと出会い、現在のChilwaveやBeatsを基調とした作風へ移行。2015年1月にTREKKIE TRAXより自身のデビューEPとなる「Zzz EP」をリリース。

A 23 year-old beat maker inspired by Hip-Hop tracks of Dr.Dre and DJ Quick. After meeting Lindsay Lowend and Cashemere Cat, the taste shifted from Hip-Hop into Chilwave and Beats. In January 2015, the debut EP “Zzz EP” was released from TREKKIE TRAX.

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