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Written by Sleepwell

Unknown Beat-maker Creating Quality Mix of Vaperwave and Hiphop .

Hello, this is Sleepwell.

I would like to introduce ”Terio” who uploads as many as 72 songs on SoundCloud.
The profile only says “japan” and other info is still unknown. This person is definitely influenced by Japan but not quite sure if he is a Japanese.

If I describe his character in one word, it should be the mix of ”vaperwave” and hiphop. They both exist in quite a sensitive balance.

It seems like his main theme is “back to the 90’s” as you can tell from the sampling and song titles.

He seems like a complete home recording beat-maker but he also places songs for a popular rapper “Lil B” known for “I’m Gay”. This fact makes me wanna know more about him.

The last tune is his (possibly) another account ”TerioOtakuBoss”.

As far as I know, he has uploaded around 100 songs. If you wanna chill out, just


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東京都在住の23歳ビートメイカー。Dr.DreやDJ QuikといったウェストコーストのHIP-HOPに影響を受け15歳ごろよりビートメイクを始める。その後Lindsay LowendやCashemere Catと出会い、現在のChilwaveやBeatsを基調とした作風へ移行。2015年1月にTREKKIE TRAXより自身のデビューEPとなる「Zzz EP」をリリース。

A 23 year-old beat maker inspired by Hip-Hop tracks of Dr.Dre and DJ Quick. After meeting Lindsay Lowend and Cashemere Cat, the taste shifted from Hip-Hop into Chilwave and Beats. In January 2015, the debut EP “Zzz EP” was released from TREKKIE TRAX.

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