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Aleister Kelman

Written by Mr.Sommelier

A new possibility Presented by a British Singer-songwriter.

For this article, I would like to introduce Aleister Kelman, a British Singer-songwriter living in Japan.

The gut guitar sound in 16th note shuffle and Aleister’s clear voice over the Japanese and English lyric, a typical style for Japanese pop scene, sounds so soothing.. His single “Busy City Life” released in April 2015 is the reason I discovered him. His accent even plays a part in the honesty of his Japanese lyric, which I think is an amazing power that music has!

Each word is simple and not exaggerated, making the whole lyric sound fresh. I think this presents a new possibility of Jpop. His first single “Perfect Tense” is in English and is a beautiful love song.

The Video is exquisite. As I looked deeper into him, his label YusicRecord is funded by a video company”. If you like the footage, do check out the label’s parent company, too!

More info about him and more music links are available on his website and YusicRecord’s website!

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