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Astro Bunny
Written by Mr.Sommelier

Fusion of Good and Old Sound and Electric Music. Taiwanese Pop/Alternative Duo.

Girls’ Rock Band, CherryBoom’s vocalist, ChaCha, and Zhan Yi Le Yuan’s guitarist Yu Cheng started a pop/alternative duo in Taiwan.


I came across ChaCha using an analog synthesizer Mopho on Facebook. I fell in love with the outstanding songwriting skill and the uniqueness of her musicality.

ChaCha’s emotional vocal is the biggest charm of them, sometimes violent and sometimes whispering.


Her melody somehow reminds me of ethnic music and strangely charming. Again, I was convinced of the high level of Taiwanese music.

The songwriting skill is so professional and the songs are very technically arranged.


Astro Bunny still keeps good and old sound but is heading to the cutting edge modern sound. The duo travel to Beijin, Shanghai, Changchun, Hangzhou, and Mongolia, making music. Their surreal and dreamy world attracts a lot of Taiwanese listeners.

Both of EP”Fraction of Sweet Olive” and the single release this year “Forgotten Forest” are highly recommended.


Let me introduce this tune from ”Heartown Festival2015”.

As I was looking into Astro Bunny, I came across the article by taipeimonochrome. Please check this out, too.

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