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An Upcoming Band in Indonesian Rock Scene. A Band of New Generation Evolving Their Own Trad Music.

”Barasuara “ is an upcoming band in Indonesia.

The band is made up of 2 female and 4 male members including, Iga Massardi(Vo, Guitar), Asteriska Widiantini (Vo), Puti Chitara (Vo), TJ Kusuma (Guitar), Gerald Situmorang (Bass) and Marco Steffiano (Drum).

Their debut album “Taifun” was selected as Indonesian Rolling Stone’s Best album in 2015, with a great potential to go down in history as a masterpiece in their rock scene.

Based on riff-driven approach as in loud-rock, and 90’s melancholic alternative sound, the three vocals sing in unison , making the vocal powerful and ethnic.

My favorite from “Taifun”

This band is being pushed, appearing at Music Festival and on TV.

The evolutional trad music style seems to be highly acclaimed by Indonesian core music fan dn rock fans. Do check them out on Apple Music.

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