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Written by Mr.Sommelier

A Chinese MC Presenting Uniqueness in NY Hiphop Scene.

I would like to introduce a Chinese MC “BOHAN PHOENIX”, from China and currently based in Brookelyn.
You can hear the inspiration from 90’s Hiphop and China-inspired unique lyric.

He released an EP“LOVE LOVE” in February.
Jachary” fromThe PLUTO MOONS, an old friend of his joined as an executive producer on this album. All the songs are based on band sound.

If you think of New York based bands, “PHONY PPL” , known as post “The Roots” might come up but he has a style more of heavy funk sound in the vein of the funk band “Lettue” a spin off dom “Soulive” from New York.

This is his latest track on SoundCloud.
Produced by a Chinese Producer/DJ ,”Howie Lee”, who is based in Beijing.

Since 90’s is coming back in New York’s Hiphop Scene, you will sure love BOHAN PHOENIX and he is sure to lead China’s Hiphop scene as well.

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